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Sad Mobikes of Delft

About a year ago a new concept was introduced in Delft and other cities in the Netherlands: Mobikes. They give anyone without a permanent bike the flexible option to grab the nearest Mobike for less than a euro per trip of 20 minutes. All you need is the Mobike app on your smartphone to scan and unlock one of the bikes, and you’ll be on your way! Especially considering the amount of Mobikes around, it’s a truly a promising concept. If you ask anyone who’s been on one, they’ll definitely recommend it to you! In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how well Mobikes in action live up to their expectations.

Right outside the station they have the “Mobike hub”. It’s a part of the outdoor bike park that they share with “normal” bikes. There’s always so many to choose from, the options are endless! Just make sure to put yours away super close to the other Mobikes, so they don’t get lonely.

Windy days definitely don’t get in the way of Mobikes. Thanks to their great design, even though they might fall over, at least they won’t blow away!

Mobikes definitely know how cool they are. They’re always hanging out with their fellow Mobikes, and things can get pretty wild. There’s also some mobikes that are more on the creative side, coming up with new ways to park while waiting for a user to come by.

Sometimes even normal bikes get jealous of Mobikes and how cool they are. They’ll end assaulting the Mobikes and knocking them over on purpose. Or they’ll simply copy the Mobikes style and fall over as well.

Mobikes even have hobbies and things they like to do for fun. Check out this aquatic Mobike who enjoys swimming in the canals now that it’s summer! Too bad they don’t have Mobikes back on the islands, so they could chill in the sea instead.

Not all Mobikes have it easy though… Some of them just need to get away from all the stress and hard work sometimes. Like this Mobike taking a strategic nap, where it can’t be bothered by anyone looking for a ride.

Next time you hop on a Mobike, remember that even though it’s not the best bike, it’ll still get you where you need to go. They might have plenty of downs, but you can be there to help them back up. As much as you need them, they need you too. Here’s to all the sad Mobikes out there.


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