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ABC Valentine's day Crush

Valentine's day is always a special time of year filled with love and affection. While Valentine's day can be romantic, usually we don't get to spend it with that one special person we'd like to spend it with. Telling someone you like them can be very intimidating, so for this Valentine's day we asked our lovely followers to anonymously tell us what they like most about their crush. Some even had the courage to mention their crush's name.


Karla bo ta bon dushi. Spera nos por have a date soon. - Sugar daddy

There is a cute girl from Aruba with small eyes. She is hot and make we want to go to Aruba. Hit me up whenever you break up with Emil. - J

Querido Kevin. Y mi pizza pa' cuando? - xoxo K

Not sure if you are a member or an admirer. I know you are friends with some members. You should definitely come to more events. We recently chatted and the first thing I said to your friend was.... SEMPAI NOTICE MEEE . Honestly I know we don't know each other. I am not even sure you will even find me attractive. I hope to see you at the next event. I will be very noticeable. And yes you are very attractive. 🤗 - Your next date (hopefully)

Kerido Q, fo'i prome bia mi amiga a post bo riba su social media (tempu di PSC naki), mi bista a kai riba bo pero nunka ma bisa algu. Awoki hopelijk mi ta slowly sera konosi kubo i maybe I'd never have to confess this to you... - K

Dear Osmar, I think you are a cute guy, and love the fact that you train and somehow your tweets

motivates me to go to gym every morning. And you seem a outgoing guy to hang out with😊! - M👑

There's this really cute girl I've been noticing at abc compas events lately. She's short, has brown colored skin and dark curly hair. Every time she walks in a room she just takes my breath away, her smile just lightens up the room. Also she looks amazing at every single event. At the last one I saw her at she was wearing a green shirt (?) with flowers 😅 I've been wanting to approach her for a while now, but she always has so many people around her so I barely get the chance to speak with her. I do hope I get the chance soon because she's always the most beautiful girl there :) hope you get to see this message. Happy Valentine's, beautiful Elisabeth. ❤


I- like I- ugh don’t think I’ll ever be with you, but you mean a lot😕

Bo por well di bay den c*ñ* homber indeciso❤️


But keep in mind Valentine's day isn't just about romantic love, it's a day solely dedicated to show appreciation for every loved one in your life including your friends and family. So, take this day filled with love to appreciate them too! Send them a flower or chocolate, or even take the time to give them a simple call or text to show them that you love them.

And not to mention, with all the pressures Valentine's day brings it's often easy to forget that the best kind of love is self love. So, put some energy into appreciating yourself this holiday because at the end of the day there's only one you and you deserve it.

Happy Valentine's day ❤️


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