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Our committees

Currently, ABC Compas has three committees: the Social Activities Committee, the Education & Career Committee, and the Media Committee. Our committees provide our members with the opportunity to gain practical experience in working in dynamic teams that produce quality events and content. Get to know their members and their tasks below.

Social Activities


The Social Activities Committee is responsible for organizing social events such as Anochi Krioyo, ABC Goes, Sport Day, movie nights, game nights, karaoke nights, and many more. 

Previous members:

Maxwell Brigitha, Neil Mahesh Alwani, Sanjay Rachwani.

Education & Career


The Education & Career Committee is responsible for organizing formal and informative events such as Food for Thought, workshops, company excursions, museum visits, and more. 

Current members:

Lucy-Anna Wouters, Giovanni Lieuw, Jamin Xie.



The Media Committee is responsible for all things media. This includes creating content and designs for our blogs, magazines, social media, website, promotional material, and more.

Current members:

Daesha Toppenberg, Elisabeth Veldkamp, Claudia Sweerts, Rushon Schenker, Anwar Braaf.


Our recruitment periods for committees are in October and November of each year. If you're interested in joining a committee, feel free to contact us about the application procedure.

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