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Looking for a new job or internship? Check out the available vacancies below. Click for more information.

InterNship at Curaçao Sea aquarium

The Queen Conch Hatchery Curacao is part of CSA and is currently on the search of
a full-time aquaculture/marine biology student for a minimum period of five
months. The focus of the Internship is to learn and experience the work inside of the
hatchery daily operation by participating in different tasks and exercises to
maintain and improve this unique facility.

Potential Fields
Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Marine Science, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Science, Fisheries


The available projects for the internship are briefly described below.

Some of the everyday activities:

  • Maintaining the seawater supply system (Filters)

  • Properly clean and sterilize tanks and other equipment

  • Collecting egg masses in the dolphin pools

  • Daily feeding of the veliger larvae, metamorphosed conch, and juveniles

  • Every other day: changing water and cleaning the 500 liter veliger larvae tanks

  • Every other day: cleaning metamorphosed conch and juvenile trays

  • Once a week: cleaning metamorphosed conch and juvenile tanks

  • Inducing metamorphosis of the veliger larvae into small crawling snails

  • Carry out daily observations and measurements of the eggs, veliger larvae and meta conch

  • Logging all relevant information collected in specific data sheets or software

  • Maintenance of microalgae cultures (Under strict supervision):

    • ​Inoculating from test tubes, to Erlenmeyer’s, to carboys, to sun tubes

    • Counting microalgae cells, keep track of growth, record the data

    • Flocculation of Chaetoceros for feeding the early stage juveniles

    • Maintaining, cleaning, and sterilizing all equipment and working area

  • Preparing the food for the larger juveniles

Potential research possibilities (focused on optimizing growth and survival):

  • Optimize feeding of juvenile conch: maximum nutrition for limited costs

  • Study relation between mobility of Isochrysis and the quality of Isochrysis as food for the veliger larvae

  • Optimize juvenile tray culturing: tray size, stocking densities, sand quality, mesh type

  • Study advantages of using unfiltered water for juvenile culturing in trays/tanks

  • Competition and predation in the metamorphosis and juvenile tanks

  • Study conch behavior and translate this to optimal housing of the juveniles

Does this sound like an amazing opportunity for you? Contact us for the full vacancy description at

Airport and Harbour
InterNship at st.Eustatius

ABC Compas is looking for different students interested in doing an internship on the island of St. Eustatius. The internship has a duration of approximately 6 months, however this can be discussed with the management team. In St. Eustatius both the Airport and harbor fall under one directive, namely the public entity.  The available projects for the internship are briefly described below.

Company Profile

Company: Government of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands

Department: Directive of Transport

Location: St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands


Assignment for Internship only

The directive of transport is responsible for the Airport and Harbour in St. Eustatius. St. Eustatius is a public entity of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean. There are quite some developments happening and therefore we are looking for interns that are looking for a fun and challenging experience in the Caribbean. Our directive works closely with Dutch ministries (IenW, BZK & EZK), Dutch Airport/Ports/ consultancy firms and regional islands.


We are looking for interns that can assist in

1) Airport development (operations, infrastructure and services)
2) Air connectivity (case study and implementation plan/strategy)
3) Harbour development (operations, infrastructure and services)
4) Maritime connectivity (case study and further development)


Required profile of candidate

Looking for a motivated Bachelor/ Master student looking to do his internship in St. Eustatius.

Period of the internship

Preferable start date          : July/August 2022

Duration                             : 6 Months

Remuneration                    : Yes


Students who are interested can send their CV and motivation letter directly to:

Interested in placing vacancies on our website? Please contact our Commissioner of Career and Education, Cindy Jantji at

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